Data Contributions

The Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas was designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the status of Minnesota’s breeding birds during the years 2009-2013. That was accomplished in four ways: 1) by enlisting hundreds of volunteers who contributed data for atlas blocks throughout the state; 2) by hiring field staff to survey remote and poorly sampled regions of the state; 3) by establishing a network of point counts that were surveyed by trained field staff that would provide a solid, statistical basis for analysis of relative abundance; and 4) by soliciting data from other resource agencies and conservation organizations, placing a particular emphasis on rare species or species that were not well-surveyed by the point counts or standard atlas procedures (e.g. aerial waterbird surveys and nocturnal owl surveys). Only data that were collected within the 2009-2013 atlas period and which could be attributed accurately to a given atlas block were solicited.

We wish to acknowledge the organizations and agencies listed in the following table who generously contributed additional data to the Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas. We sincerely appreciate their willingness to share data they collected for the purposes of other important field initiatives. The following list is not only our way to acknowledge their contributions but, when the atlas is repeated in future years, it will serve as a resource to ensure that the comparison of atlas efforts is as complete as possible. The specific datasets contributed by each organization are detailed. When available, specific language and/or observers who made these contributions also are acknowledged.

OrganizationData CategoryData SetSpecific Acknowledgements
Audubon Minnesota
Chimney SwiftsChimney Swift Sit Site 2013 Phase I
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
General Nest RecordsCornell Nest Watch Project 2009-2013Data contributed by David Bonter; we wish to thank the volunteers who collected the nesting data for this study through The Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology’s Nest Box Network, The Birdhouse Network, NestWatch, the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Research Center’s Neighborhood NestWatch, and various state nest monitoring projects that have contributed their historic data.
Nest Watch 09
Nest Watch 10
Golden-winged Warbler Working Group
Golden-winged WarblersData contributed by Amber Roth
 Grand Portage National Monument
General RecordsData contributed by Amy Seitz of the Grand Portage Reservation.
 Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory
OwlsGreat Lakes Owl SurveysData contributed by Dave Grosshuesch who wishes to acknowledge Gerald Niemi and Ron Regal, University of Minnesota-Duluth, for their support and analysis and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for funding.
 Hormel Nature Center
General RecordsHormel NC Bird Surveys, 2009-2013Data contributed by Richard Smaby.
 Midwest Peregrine Society
Peregrine Falcon
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources   
American WoodcockVolunteer Woodcock BandingData contributed by Earl Johnson.
Common LoonsLoon Watcher SurveyData from the Loon Watcher Survey, Minnesota Loon Monitoring Program, Shallow Lakes Program, and Sensitive Lakeshore Program were contributed  by Nongame Staff in the Brainerd Office, Pam Perry and Kevin Woizeschke.
Minnesota Loon Monitoring Program (MLMP)
General RecordsShallow Lakes Program
Sensitive Lakeshore Program
Grassland BirdsGrassland bird distribution and habitat, SW MNData contributed by Lisa Harn.
Grassland Surveys: Lincoln CountyData from Lincoln and Yellow Medicine Counties contributed by Lisa Gelvin-Innavaer.
Grassland Surveys: Yellow Medicine County
SPICE (Sustaining Prairies in a Changing Environment) Surveys, 2009-2013Data contributed by Daren Carlson
Northern GoshawkNorthern Goshawk SurveysData contributed by Gaea Crozier who wishes to acknowledge the Chippewa National Forest, Superior National Forest, and MNDNR staff and contractors for providing data.
Prairie GrousePrairie Chicken Survey
Sharp-tailed Grouse Dancing Ground Survey
Rare SpeciesNatural Heritage Information Data
Ring-necked DuckRing-necked Duck SurveysData contributed by Christine Herwig who wishes to acknowledge the Wetland Wildlife Populations and Research Group for their field efforts.
Ruffed GrouseRuffed Grouse Drumming Count Survey
Sandhill CranesNW MN Sandhill Crane SurveysData contributed by Jeff Lawrence who wishes to acknowledge the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Webless Migratory Gamebird Grant Program, for their support.
Scientific and Natural Areas Bird SurveysScientific and Natural Areas Avian Inventory DataData contributed by Katherine Haws.
Trumpeter SwansTrumpeter Swan Reports and SurveysData contributed by Christine Herwig.
 Minnesota National Guard
Camp Ripley2009 Camp Ripley songbird point count survey (records have different plot numbers)Nancy Dietz and Brian Dirks helped enter data and coordinated the entry of Camp Ripley data by the following individuals: Bill Brown, Mary Lee,  Chris Larson, Jason Linkert, Wade Lund, Laura May, Mike Meyman, Timothy Notch, Adam Thompson, Matt Toenies, and Beth Walters.
2010 ruffed grouse drumming survey
2011 Camp Ripley Songbird Survey (records have different plot numbers)
Camp Ripley 2010 bluebird house monitoring
Camp Ripley 2010 call-broadcast survey
Camp Ripley 2010 wood duck house monitoring
Camp Ripley bald eagle survey
Camp Ripley Breeding Songbird Survey-AHATS
Heard during 2011 owl survey
 Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union
All BirdsData contributed by the Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union; we specifically wish to acknowledge the efforts of David Cahlander in providing these data.
 Minnesota Prairie Chicken Society
Greater Prairie Chickens and Sharp-tailed Grouse2010-2011 Inventory DataData collection funded by the Minnesota Prairie Chicken Society who also provided the data.
 The Nature Conservancy
Grassland BirdsDeath of a Meadowlark 2013Data contributed by Marissa Ahlering who wishes to acknowledge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for providing funding support for the field work.
 Twin Cities Osprey Project
OspreyThree Rivers Park District Osprey Project
Allete Survey
 United States Department of Interior, U.S. Geological Survey
Grassland BirdsCRP Breeding Birds in Grant CountyData contributed by Lawrence D. Igl who wishes to acknowledge the following field observers for the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and Waterfowl Production Area (WPA) field surveys: Lawrence D. Igl (2009-2013), Jeremiah C. Slagter (2009), Kyle L. McLean (2010), Brian J. Chepulis (2011-2012), and Joseph Orr (2013).
WPA Breeding Birds in Big Stone County
WPA Breeding Birds in Clay County
WPA Breeding Birds in Cottonwood County
WPA Breeding Birds in Lac Qui Parle County
Common LoonsDNR Special Permit 16508_COLOData contributed by Kevin P. Kenow who wishes to acknowledge Carrol Henderson, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, for funding support, and Steven Houdek, Luke Fara and Pete Boma, U.S. Geological Survey, Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center, for field support.
2011 BandingData_COLO
United States Fish and Wildlife Service
Agassiz National Wildlife RefugeGeneral Bird SurveysAgassiz Black Tern SurveyData contributed by Gregg Knutsen.
Agassiz Breeding Bird Point Count Survey
Agassiz Brood Surveys
Agassiz Colonial Nesting Waterbird Surveys
Agassiz NWR-Bald Eagle Aerial Survey
Agassiz NWR-Webster Creek Bird Survey
Bloomington Field OfficeBald EaglesIncidental Bald Eagle nest sightings
Division of Migratory Bird ManagementAmerican WoodcockAmerican Woodcock Singing-ground SurveyData contributed by Becky Rau.
Glacial Ridge National Wildlife RefugeGeneral Bird SurveysGlacial Ridge NWR Bird Surveys
Habitat and Population Evaluation TeamWaterfowl and Yellow RailsHAPET 4 square mile waterfowl productivity survey
SCEP Yellow Rail SurveysData contributed by Anna Sidie-Slettedahl.
Litchfield Wetland Management DistrictGeneral Bird SurveysLitchfield WMD Bird SurveysData contributed by Bridget Olson.
Morris Wetland DistrictGrassland BirdsUSFWS WPA Grassland Point Count SurveysData contributed by Sara Vacek.
Rydell National Wildlife RefugeEastern Bluebirds and Wood DucksRydell NWR Blue Bird Box SurveyData contributed by Jessica Dowler.
Rydell NWR Wood Duck Nest Box Survey
Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife RefugeGreat Blue Herons and Bald EaglesUMR NWR GRBH Nest SurveyData contributed by Brian Stemper.
NWR Bald Eagle Survey
 United States Forest Service, Superior National Forest
Forest BirdsMAPS data Superior National ForestData contributed by Dave Grosshuesch who wishes to acknowledge the U.S. Forest Service for providing funding support for the project.
University of Minnesota
Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation BiologyWaterbirdsAmerican White Pelican and Double-crested Cormorant Survey DataData contributed by Linda Wires, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Francesca Cuthbert, University of Minnesota, who wish to acknowledge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for providing funding support for the project.
Minnesota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research UnitForest BirdsForest Songbird Study
Golden-winged Warbler Study in Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge
Natural Resources Research InstituteForest BirdsNational Forest Data Set, 2009-2013Data contributed by Gerald Niemi, Natural Resources Research Institute.
 Voyageurs National Park
General BirdsCommon Loon Productivity SurveysData contributed by Steve Windels who wishes to acknowledge Greg Grabas, Paul Watton, and John Brett with the Canadian Wildlife Service-Ontario, for their field efforts.
Colonial Waterbird Surveys
Forest Breeding Bird Surveys
Marsh Monitoring Program
 Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
General BirdsAvian Nursery Admits-2011Data contributed by Tami Vogel.
Avian Nursery Admits-2013