Former and Incidental Breeding Species

Former Resident or Incidental Breeding Birds – beyond the Breeding Bird Atlas (2009–2013)

Compiled by Jan Green, October 13, 2014

SpeciesStatusLast year bred
ChukarFormer 20th C., Ely – extirpated1977
White-faced IbisFormer 19th C., – extirpated1895
Swallow-tailed KiteFormer 19th C., – extirpated1887
King RailFormer 20th C.1976 + post Atlas
Whooping CraneFormer 19th C., – extirpated1886
Black-necked StiltOccasional vagrantpost Atlas
Snowy PloverOccasional vagrant2006
Long-billed CurlewFormer 19th C., – extirpated1873
Little GullOccasional vagrant1986
Passenger PigeonExtinct~1895
Barn OwlOccasional vagrant1991
Rock WrenOccasional vagrant2004
Bewick’s WrenFormer 20th C., – extirpated1959
McCown’s LongspurFormer 19th C., – extirpated1897
Baird’s SparrowFormer 20th C., – extirpated1937
Rusty BlackbirdFormer 20th C., – extirpated1986